The Fanlisting

+what's a fanlisting?
It's a list of fans, my friend. Take this site, for example.This is the New Mutants fanlisting, therefore this site contains a list of New Mutants fans. For a more detailed description of what a fanlisting is, go here.

+why the new mutants?
I'm a fan, of course. I grew up reading these comics and felt it was time someone paid them the respect they deserved. This is for the original comic and team of the New Mutants, not the new version or the shows.

+why is this site called x-babies? weren't the x-babies created by mojo?
Oooh, don't we know so much about the x-universe! X-Babies was a derogatory name that Kitty (Shadowcat) Pryde gave the New Mutants. It kind of stuck. Plus, it's a lot quicker to type out than The New Mutants Fanlisting. That is what the Orginal owner wrote about this site.When I took over,I didn't know what to do with this site. I didn't want to change the whole idea. But I don't know what to do with this site. I can leave it. Or change it. Change is good. So change I did. So wrote the second owner.

The Site

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